photograph: location Florence, Italy 2016

photograph: location Florence, Italy 2016


“She drew before she spoke”

Sara Sidari is a Melbourne based Designer and Artist born in the City of Turin, Italy. She graduated from Monash University in 2014 with her Masters in Architecture. Her love for art and fashion has been evident since a young age. Inspired by her origins, her illustrations and art reflect the colours, textures and soul of her beloved Italy and is also carried through her architectural career with an impressive eye for details and quality in her designs. Her yearly travels and experiences are also manifested in her art and her new Blog coming soon “simple stylish Sara”

“ I have always felt like the true me when I am creating my art, it takes me to a tranquil place where I can express and show people how I see the world around me”

With a bubbly personality, kind spirit and talkative nature she is sure to brighten up your day and so will her art so don’t be shy and say hi.......